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The URC at Greenbelt 2024

The United Reformed Church has had a presence at Greenbelt for several years. In 2024, we want to build on our achievements from 2022 and 2023, where the URC ran a popular café, offered crafts and other family activities, held an engaging programme on the theme of ‘Revolting Christians’ and oversaw the youth programme and provision for Greenbelt.

What is Greenbelt?

Greenbelt Festival is a place where artistry, activism and belief come together; a place full of a variety of people, usually from a Christian background and some not.

Greenbelt festivalgoers are extremely activist, committed to change, getting involved in issues, and spending time getting to the heart of the matter. This year, the URC will be working with Greenbelt’s theme: DREAM ON:

‘Because, no matter how bad things seem right now (and they are bad, no question), change is still possible. And, more often than not, change is driven by the dreams that people hold onto – in the face of everything – of a better world. Dreams, that when acted on, make a real difference in the real world.’

To read more about this theme, read the Creative Director, Paul Northup’s blog post here: Greenbelt 2024 – Dream On – Greenbelt

Check out the flyer for URC’s 2023 programme, to get an idea of what to expect in 2024. Alternatively, keep up-to-date with the URC at Greenbelt below, or for information about ticket prices and this year’s lineup, visit the Greenbelt Festival website.

yoURCafe Doesn't cost the Earth beside G-Books This food is rubbish Hot food served all day using ingredients saved from landfill. Coffee, tea and amazing cakes. Craft activities: free and fun for all ages available all day ten-minute tales: revolting Christians share their stories, 2pm every day Diverse Church Parents Hangout: informal space to chat. 3pm every day. OutOfTheBox: Playful, curious storymaking, 4pm every day Bedtime stories: delightul tales for kids and their carers, 7pm every day Sunday@ chilled-out chat show on a daily theme, 8pm every day The Grace: thankful prayers and reflection, 9-9.15pm every day Sunday service with Anthony Reddie and yoURChurch. 6.15pm on Sunday and so much more Check out our activities board each day. Revolting Christians, The United Reformed Church

Volunteer with the URC

Our large team of volunteers is crucial to everything we do. Would you consider joining us this year as a ‘Festival Friend’ (volunteer)?

Due to an increasing demand to join our team, we will give priority to applicants who have not volunteered with us before or have only volunteered once.

We will let you know whether you have a place on our team by Thursday 25 April 2024 (which still leaves time to purchase weekend passes at the discounted rate until the end of April, should you not be successful this time round).

Below is a short description of the requirements of the roles. If you think you would be a good fit for any of these opportunities, please fill in the online  application form (below) by 20 April 2024 and our Volunteers Co-Ordinator will be in touch. All team members may be required to have a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check before serving on our teams.

Greenbelt URC Volunteers

Café Team

You work well under pressure and as part of a small team. Customer service and hospitality are important to you. You have a good memory for orders and details. You will be diligent about food hygiene protocols including receiving training. You might be able to use a coffee machine, water boiler, cash register or card machine, or be happy to receive training. You can cope with lots of standing during your shift. You have a flair for good service and have a welcoming smile.

Craft Team

You enjoy being part of a small team and encouraging people of every age to enjoy craft activities. You might enjoy reading a story to young children. You might have a creative flair or just enjoy having a go. You are great at putting people at ease, listening and chatting. You have a friendly manner. You might be happy to stand outside and hand out craft packages to festivalgoers for short periods. You don’t mind tidying up and looking after craft resources.

Hospitality Team (new for 2024)

You are happy to introduce yourself to new people and engage them in conversation. You have an eye for detail and enjoy helping to create a tidy, safe and welcoming space that is accessible, inviting and welcoming to everyone. You notice when people might need some extra support or encouragement. You are happy to wipe down tables, or occasionally carry trays or move chairs back into place. You are committed to providing a high-quality, caring customer experience. You might have skills in writing on a blackboard. You are happy to talk a bit about your involvement with the URC.

Programme Team

You are happy to address small or large groups of people in a very dynamic environment. You have good presentation skills. You might have an understanding of the some of the issues facing the Church and society today and want to engage with others about it. You might be able to do research and preparation before the event. You can connect with people from lots of different backgrounds who attend Greenbelt. You can think creatively and love seeing people grow in their understanding.

Application Form

To complete your application, please visit the volunteer registration page 

Deadline for applications 20 April 2024.

More about Greenbelt

Greenbelt 2023 Video

Greenbelt celebrated 50 years in 2023, and the URC was there. We took a brilliant team, offering a truly remarkable welcome, along with ‘rubbish’ food that was warm, nutritious, and very well priced.

Greenbelt Festival 2023

Photos from Greenbelt 2023

Greenbelt Festival, 2023, celebrated its 50th anniversary. Once again, it was an amazing event and the URC was there joining in the celebrations, delivering delicious, and welcoming all.

Volunteer FAQs

If you’ve volunteered to be part of our team at Greenbelt 2023, you can read our most frequently asked questions about volunteering here and find out who to contact if you have other queries.

What’s it like?

Adrian Bulley, a volunteer at last year’s event, shares his recent experience and compares it with his first experience at Greenbelt Festival in 2008.

Two Greenbelters speaking at the URC's Cafe Tent at Greenbelt, 2023

Photos from Greenbelt 2022

We had a wonderful time at Greenbelt Festival in 2022, celebrating the URC’s 50th anniversary. Check out some photos from the event.

You sent us your craft!

For Greenbelt 2023, we asked URC folk across the country to send in Kintsugi-inspired hearts to decorate the URC’s café tent. Find all the instructions here.

Greenbelt in words…

…and pictures


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