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About Us

We are URCAE – Universal Researchers in Civil and Architecture Engineering. We are committed and dedicated to researching the areas of Environmental & Biological  Engineering. 


Zita Construction Project

One project that our society got involved with was the Zita Construction Project. The village of Zita was a poverty-stricken village in Brazil with barely any running water or sturdy building that would be able to keep families warm and safe from storms. 

Our group of volunteers from various backgrounds including engineering academics, construction workers and students travelled to Brazil from all over the world to help with the charity project after spending 3 years fundraising. 

The team worked with local villagers and helped construct and build community halls, nurses stations and a new kindergarten for young children. 

As well as this we helped rebuild and refurbish the local primary school, the local church and some homes that were damaged in the 2016 storm. 

With the help of fellow academics, architects, engineers, students, construction workers and our sponsors Rainbow International – we aim to get involved in more charity projects like this all over the world. 

Andrew Pinch

Completed Projects

Colony Construction Jordan

Another project we worked on was Colony Construction Jordan. 

This was a project created both by the Jordanian Government, academics and high education institution from neighbouring country Israel. 

The team helped organise and plan the construction of a new and secondary university in the capital city of Amman.

This project was backed by the government and residents of Amman in order to bring more tourism to the capital city.

The project took a total of 7 years form start to finish with many of our committee members heavily involved from the start to finish. 

The university has been open one whole year now and is attracting students, professors and tourists from all over the world. 

If you would like to get involved in projects like these then please become a member here. 

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